The Little Coach House

The Little Coach House Phonics Flashcards


The Little Coach House Phonics Flashcards

The phonics flashcards are a fantastic resource to help your child start to recognise letters and sounds

Phonics help children to recognise the letters of the alphabet and the sound that each letter makes. We know for most parents phonics is a completely new idea to them so we have included an information card that gives a summary of what phonics are and explain some of the key words used when talking about phonics

The flashcards come in two sets which correspond with the phase two and phase three sounds taught in schools. There is a beautiful hand drawn image to go with each letter to help your child recognsie the sound it makes. Your child can trace the letters with their fingers and use them to make words

A6 in size - The cards come with an organic cotton bag to store them in 

The Little Coach House is a family run business based in the New Forest. The products are designed based on the Montessori approach to learning where children are encouraged to use tactile and hands-on resources

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