The Little Coach House

The Little Coach House Emotions Flashcards


The Little Coach House Emotions Flashcards

The Emotion flashcards are a fantastic resource to help your child start to identify the different emotions that they feel

Each emotion has been beautifully hand drawn with the emotion word underneath in a clear text. Talking about how children are feeling and for children too have the confidence to express their emotions is such a valuable life skill and one that is being heavily promoted in schools

The emotion flashcards contain a pack of 10 emotions which can be used in different fun ways to get your child talking about how they are feeling

Eco Kraft recycled card 270gsm

A6 in size - The cards come with an organic cotton bag to store them in 

The Little Coach House is a family run business based in the New Forest. The products are designed based on the Montessori approach to learning where children are encouraged to use tactile and hands-on resources

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