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The Little Coach House Affirmations Flashcards


The Little Coach House Affirmations Flashcards

The affirmation flashcards are a set of 14 hand drawn affirmations designed to encourage positive thinking in young children. Children's mental health is such an important area and is one we feel very passionately about

The affirmation cards are a set of statements that you can read with your child in the morning when they start their day or in the evening before they go to bed and display them using our affirmation stand. They are worded in a child friendly way to help them overcome challenging or negative thoughts. Encourage your child to repeat them to themselves throughout the day to encourage positive thinking and a good healthy mindset

We have chosen to print them on Eco-Kraft card so that the print is easily visible and the children aren’t distracted by bright colours. This is particularly helpful for children with additional learning needs

Eco Kraft recycled card 270gsm

A6 in size - The cards come with an organic cotton bag to store them in 

The Little Coach House is a family run business based in the New Forest. The products are designed based on the Montessori approach to learning where children are encouraged to use tactile and hands-on resources

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