Senger Naturwelt Small White Cuddly Seal


Senger Naturwelt Smal White Cuddly Seal

The handmade Senger Naturwelt cuddly seal is made from handpicked organic cotton plush and lambswool

The cuddly, seal is designed for both cuddles and warmth. The inner cotton pillow, filled with cherrystones can be removed and warmed in the oven or popped in the freezer

Suitable from birth

100% cotton

Filing: cherrystones, cotton, lambswool

Oven safe

Hand wash only, dry naturally 

Proudly made in Germany, Senger Naturwelt manufacture by-hand, every single one of its soft toys. Senger only use sustainably sourced natural materials of the highest standard. They believe that a child’s first toy is special and irreplaceable and that these toys are simply to be treasured for a lifetime.

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