Leoleo Watercolour Leo Pramstring


Leoleo Watercolour Pramstring

The sweetest Leo Buddy pramstring is made entirely out of waste fabric. The upcycled little Leo’s are made from waste fabrics of the fabric baby book

57 cms

The pram toy is suitable all types of strollers and the ones that it doesn't fit perfectly, we advise you to tie a knot so it fits

100% organic percale cotton and canvas

Printed with non-toxic colours on GOTS certified organic cotton

Leo Leo is a family brand based on play and creativity. The luxurious and timeless designs for babies and children are created with the philosophy that there is no wrong ideas when you play, only great ambition and imagination. The organic collection is designed in a dreamy, tonal colour palette with the aim to give a calm and harmonised effect on their surroundings.

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