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Kaspi Land Wooden Dinosaur Stacking Toy

£24 £30

Kaspi Land Wooden Dinosaur Stacking Toy

An exciting game for kids. It is a great educational and developing game.

Well-developed motor finger pinch

The main task is to place figures of dinosaurs on the broken Egg, so that they do not fall.  Also, children can use a set for role-playing games, since all the figures are free standing

One Broken Egg shaped stacking base

5 Dinosaurs

2 years+

 All products are made from different pieces of wood. And with all our diligence products may not look exactly like the photo but look very similar

Kaspi Land wooden toys are made with love by talented Ecuadorian hands with your little ones in mind as they are eco-friendly, natural and educational toys that encourage imaginative and purposeful fun play.

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