Haps Nordic Terracotta Water Bottle Lunch Kit 

The perfect pack lunch kit consists of a lunch box, water bottle and a little mesh bag for storage 

The lunch box is made of long-lasting steel with the finest coating in the dreamiest terracotta colour and it is the perfect medium sized lunch box. The two clips on the side are easy to open and close by large and small and the lid closes completely tightly with the help of an internal silicone ring

The steel water bottle has a suitable size and with its light weight is good to carry without the school bag becoming too heavy. The long-lasting steel bottle comes both with a screw cap with a practical handle and with a sports | children's lid, which is easy and quick to operate and easy to drink on the go 

The set is assembled from a mesh bag to minimise unnecessary packaging and to make it easy to pack both the lunchbox and drink together.

Stainless steel

L: 17 cm, W: 12 cm, H: 6 cm / 350 ml.

Dishwasher safe

Haps Nordic focus on recycling and protecting the environment from unnecessary packaging and food waste. The sustainable products are made to be used again and again, to minimise the use of single-use products

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