Haps Nordic Organic Canvas Terracotta Lunch Bag


Haps Nordic Organic Canvas Terracotta Lunch Bag

The perfect, durable and reusable lunch bag

The perfect size lunch bag keeps multiple lunchboxes, snacks, and a water bottle together and easy to carry. Simple to organise with 2 inner pockets to keep small snacks, napkins, or ice pack in place

This roll top lunch bag is made of high-quality canvas and closes easily with heavy-duty snaps on straps, which at the same time creates a handle (and makes your lunch bag easy to carry)

Height is adjustable depending of content and once your lunch bag is empty it does not take up much space in your bag

100% Organic Cotton 

Haps Nordic focus on recycling and protecting the environment from unnecessary packaging and food waste. The sustainable products are made to be used again and again, to minimise the use of single-use products

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