Full Flower Moon

Full Flower Moon Butterfly Girl


Full Flower Moon Butterfly Girl

Lovingly handmade, the beautiful dolls are made with earth friendly fabrics and organic plant dyes. To give each doll their beautiful, earthy colours, raw silk is dyed with avocado stones. The dolls are filled and tied with organic wool and linen thread ties, and their pretty hair is made from silk. Their raw silk wings are removable and their little faces are then hand embroidered, bringing each one to life in their own unique way

Each doll is lovingly handmade, and each piece is unique

Body : 100% Organic Linen 

Face : 100% Organic Cotton

Hair : 100% Organic Silk

Full Flower Moon is the most beautiful collection of organic, heirloom Waldorf inspired dolls. Lovingly handmade in the USA. Full Flower Moon is the Native American name for the full moon in the month of May.


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