Dr Zigs

Dr Zigs Eco Scented Bubble Mix 100ml - Various


Dr Zigs Eco Scented Bubble Mix

Super concentrated, scented bubbles to make your bubble play even more fun

These 100ml bottles of FIVE TIMES CONCENTRATE Dr Zigs Scented Bubble Mix will mix up with water to give you 1/2 litre ready-to-go mix

Just add 1 part Dr Zigs Bubble Mix to 4 parts water. Stirred not shaken

 Makes fabulous giant bubbles every time

100ml = Makes 1 Litre

ALL the bubbles contain antibacterial.  Worth knowing, and makes kids hand-washing fun

Eco, Ethical, Vegan, Non Toxic, Fun

Suitable for 1+

Dr Zigs eco-friendly bubbles. Dr Zigs is a fabulous little company, based in the foothills of Snowdonia, they manufacture some of the best giant bubble toys in the world, with a unique focus on being ethical and environmentally conscious. The most extraordinarily large, low plastic, palm-oil free bubbles in the world. 


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