Koko Cardboards King Queen DIY Kit

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Koko Cardboards King Queen DIY Kit 

The amazing Koko Cardboards DIY King or Queen cardboard dress up costume is perfect for little rulers

The “King | Queen” set includes: crown, sceptre, robe

The kit includes all the necessary elements, except for the necessary tools: scissors, glue, brush, paper knife, ruler

The kit comes with full instructions

Working time: about 1.5 – 2 hours (you do not have to do the whole set in one session. Depending on the age, interest, and commitment of the child, arrange the work in instalments)

Difficulty level ~ more difficult

Size: Adjustable crown size, robe length

The costume is suitable for further decoration: painting, sticking, etc

The product is made of certified, recyclable cardboard, made in Poland

Koko Cardboards are eco-friendly, creative cardboard toys and DIY dress up kits and toys for kids and parents. Made from 100% recyclable materials, a simple piece of cardboard turns into an enchanted, magical world, full of possibilities! 

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